Digital legal data for persons and foreign companies

Advocates RGS and Partners law firm providing legal services for the community/citizens of foreign countries, to provide various data products, rules and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia, which covers :
government regulations
presidential decree
presidential instruction
And various rules and regulations
of other products that are needed according to a request made to our client community. As for the field / scope of the law that are available include:
1/ field of company law
2/ field of consumer protection law
3/ the field of capital market law
4/ field of money laundering law
5/ the field of transport law [land, sea, and air]
6/ the field of legal foreign exchange traders
7/ the field of insurance law
8/ or other areas of law according to the needs of clients.
Each of the above areas of law in accordance continue to update dynamics of law in Indonesia. The set of data on the number 1 s.d. 7 has us gather and can be obtained with each of the price of Rp. 2.500.000, - [in Indonesian] in DVD.

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